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Documents in Spanish (unless stated otherwise)

PhD Thesis (Spanish)

  • Localization and Transport in Periodic Chains of Chaotic Maps, Leonardo Ermann (June, 2009). Advisor: M. Saraceno. Assistant advisor: G.G. Carlo. [pdf]
  • Matrix elements of Classically Chaotic Systems. Applications to the Cat Map, David Schneider (November, 2007). Advisor: E. Vergini. [pdf]
  • Diffusion and Dissipation in Quantum Maps and Algorithms: Spectral Quantum-Classical Correspondence and Noise Models, Ignacio García-Mata (March, 2006). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [Abstract in English, pdf]
  • Semiclassical Theory of Short Periodic Orbits, Gabriel G. Carlo (October, 2000). Advisor: E. Vergini.
  • Eigenfunctions of Bunimovich billiard in coherent state representation, Fernando P. Simonotti (March, 2000). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [Abstract in english, ps.gz]
  • Quantum chaos in parameter dependent systems, Diego Wisniacki (March, 2000). Advisor: A. Fendrik.
  • Quantum and semiclassical study of classically chaotic billiards, Eduardo Vergini (September, 1995). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [ps.gz, figures]
  • Semiclassical quantization of ergodic maps, Raul Vallejos (August, 1995). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [ps.gz] (figures available upon request).
  • Semiclassical limit of classically non-integrable systems, Patricio Leboeuf (June, 1989). Advisor: M. Saraceno.

Licenciatura Thesis (Spanish)

  • Loschmidt echo and the local density of states, Natalia Ares (August, 2009). Advisor: D.A. Wisniacki. [pdf]
  • Purity decay of quantum states in a chaotic dissipative evolution, Lisandro Raviola (March, 2009). Advisors: A.Rivas and G.G. Carlo.
    • Baker map families as Quantum Walk environment, Leonardo Ermann (March, 2005). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [pdf]
    • Models of Decoherence: Their effects on Quantum Maps and algorithms, Mario Leandro Aolita (February, 2004). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [pdf]
    • Phase Space Representation of Quantum Maps and Quantum Algorithms, Graciana Puentes (September, 2002). Advisor: M. Saraceno, J.P. Paz. [pdf]
    • Decoherence in quantum maps and circuits, Pablo Bianucci (March, 2001). Advisor: M. Saraceno, J.P. Paz [ps.gz] (figures available upon request).
    • Wave functions of a quasi-integrable systems, M. Alinovi (July, 1998). Advisor: E. Vergini.
    • Exact and semiclassical calculation of eigenstates in chaotic systems, Alejandro Monastra (October, 1997). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [ps.gz] (figures available upon request).
    • Level statistics and study of the eigenfunctions of a systems whose classical dynamics is mixed, Gabriel Carlo (February, 1997). Advisor: E. Vergini.
    • Study of the traces of the quantum propagators B and B2 of the Baker's map, Fabricio Toscano (April, 1995). Advisor: M. Saraceno.
    • Semiclassical study of chaotic billiards, Fernando P. Simonotti (June, 1994). Advisor: M. Saraceno. [ps.gz] (figures available upon request).
    • Quantum distributions in Phase Space, Antonio Pagés (November, 1987). Advisor: M. Saraceno.