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"Quantum Chaos Group Seminar"

  weekly at Tandar.

Seminars 2009

  • 11/17     Leandro Aolita                  "t.b.a"

Seminars 2008

  • 11/17     Marcos Saraceno                  "Semiclassical version of Matrix Product States"
  • 11/10     Martina Hentschel             "Quantum chaos in optical microcavities: From the Goos-Haenchen shift to non-Hamiltonian dynamics and directional light emission."
  • 11/03     Marķa Elena Spina              "Thermal effects on chaotic directed transport"
  • 10/20    Leonardo Ermann            "Phase space representation of open systems"
  • 10/06    Marcos Saraceno               "New topics on the Harper Map"
  • 09/22    David Schneider                "Quantum game Theory II"
  • 09/08    Diego Wisniacki                 "Quant-Class transition in the kicked harmonic oscilator"
  • 09/01     Eduardo Vergini                "Superscars"
  • 07/25     Alejandro Monastra       "Zeros of the Riemann Zeta function statistics: corrections on the asymtpotic limit"
  • 07/18      Gustavo Murgida             "Coherent control and localization with interacting e- in a double quantum dot"
  • 07/11       Juan Pedrosa                      "Open Baker map and fractal Weyl law"
  • 07/04     David Schneider              "Quantum game theory"
  • 06/20     Leonardo Ermann         "Periodic orbit basis for the quantum baker map"
  • 06/13      Alejandro Rivas                "Cooling by Time Reversal of Atomic Matter Waves"
  • 06/06     Gabriel Carlo                      "Quantum Control and Ratchets"
  • 05/30     Alejandro Monastra     "Tunneling in mixed systems"
  • 05/23     Diego Wisniacki               "The purity as a measure of the quant-class transition"
  • 05/09     Marķa Elena Spina          "Decoherence and Thermalization"
  • 05/02     Lecture Club
  • 04/25     Eduardo Vergini              "Scar functions in the Cat Map"(2)
  • 04/18      Eduardo Vergini              "Scar functions in the Cat Map"(1)
  • 04/11       Marcos Saraceno             "MPS and Time Dependent Hartree-Fock"(2)
  • 04/04     Marcos Saraceno             "MPS and Time Dependent Hartree-Fock"(1)
  • 03/28     Ignacio Garcia-Mata     "Entanglement-screening by nonlinear resonances"

"Theoretical Group TANDAR"

  weekly at Tandar, Monday 11:00. [read more...]

"Quantum Foundations and Information"

  weekly at DF-UBA, Wednesday 10:00. [read more...]

Future and past events

2009 - 3rd Workshop on

"Quantum Chaos: Theory and Applications" [read more...]

2007 - 1st Workshop on

"Quantum Chaos: Theory and Applications" [read more...]