About the Quantum Chaos Group

At the Tandar Laboratory, CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The Quantum Chaos Group belongs to the Theoretical Physics Department  in the Tandar Laboratory, CNEA. The head of the group is Prof. Marcos Saraceno. The scientific interests are quantum chaos, classical and semiclassical limits of  quantum mechanics, quantum transport phenomena, mesoscopic systems, open quantum systems, decoherence and noise, quantum information, localization and "scars" in chaotic systems and quantum maps.  

Past Events

International workshop in the Quantum Chaos Group
"3rd Workshop on Quantum Chaos: Theory and Applications",
dedicated to the 65th birthday of Marcos Saraceno, december 2009.

Recent years have seen the consolidation of several areas of research in quantum physics where quantum chaos becomes relevant. Among them we can mention quantum computation and information, mesoscopic systems, quantum transport phenomena, quantum open systems, and decoherence. Both, theory and applications are at a development stage where interaction among people working in these topics becomes of the utmost relevance. This workshop aims at creating the framework for developing new collaborations among the participants and enhancing existing ones.

December 21st: "Asado de fin de año"

Here you can find some pictures of the last meeting of 2008 at Marcos house.

QCG and QUFIBA.        QCG and QUFIBA 2        Marcos Saraceno and Juan Pablo Paz.