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On arrival...

The entry point to Buenos Aires is Ezeiza International Airport, located about 25 km southwest. The company Manuel Tienda León provides bus, shuttle and car transport with prices ranging between 28$ (pesos) for a bus ride to Madero Terminal in downtown Buenos Aires, till around 75$ in a remis (private car with driver) that carries up to three passengers to specified destinations. Several taxi and remis companies offer their services in the airport lobby and in the outside yard adjacent to the main building. For your safety, hire your transport EXCLUSIVELY at some identified counter where you will get an official receipt and an assistant, or the driver himself, will lead you to the car. You should neither leave the airport area to look for a street cab, nor accept offers voiced by unidentified drivers. If you need to change money, we highly recommend you to go to "Banco de la Nacion Argentina", that is in the airport main lobby, outside the baggage claim area (where you also can change, but sometimes at a different rate). You have to clear customs before you can reach it.

Transportation within Buenos Aires...

Taxis in Buenos Aires work with meters, and remises can drive passengers point to point at a rate agreed in advance. Taxis are painted black and yellow, and carry on the roof a sign identifiying the cab company. This identification must be clearly visible on both back doors. Never board a cab without proper identification; although they are usually run by the owners, who as an overwhelming majority, are decent people who work for their living, it is not advisable to take risks if you do not know the city. At hotels, restaurants and shops, the staff may phone a taxi or a remis for you.
Buenos Aires possesses an excellent public bus service, in addition to subway and suburban trains. Due to the high density of buses, traffic is rather chaotic, and unfortunately, drivers are not highly disciplined, so you must be very careful at street crossings. Note also that in Argentina, people queue to wait for the bus and keep the line when boarding. A bus ride costs 0.80$; coins -no notes- in any combination must be deposited in indicated slots on the bus.

Map of Buenos Aires, with CAC (Constituyentes Atomic Center) detailed on it
(Tandar Laboratory is part of CAC)

Location of Tandar Laboratory (in red) inside CAC