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  Recent years have seen the consolidation of several areas of research in quantum physics where quantum chaos becomes relevant. Among them we can mention quantum computation and information, mesoscopic systems,
quantum transport
phenomena, and quantum open systems. Both, theory and applications are at a development
stage where interaction among
people working in these topics becomes of the utmost relevance. This workshop
aims at creating the framework for
developing new collaborations among the participants and enhancing
existent ones.


Marcos Saraceno   (Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)
Thomas Seligman   (Instituto de Ciencias Físicas, Cuernavaca)
Alfredo Ozorio de Almeida   (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro)
Thomas Dittrich   (Universidad Nacional, Bogotá)
Florentino Borondo   (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid)
Rosa Benito   (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid)
Fabricio Toscano   (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)
Horacio Pastawski   (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba)
Patricia Levstein   (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Córdoba)
Mauricio Porto Pato   (Universidade do Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo)
Ignacio Garcia Mata   (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)
Benjamin Holder   (University of Texas at Austin, Texas)
Martin Sieber   (University of Bristol, Bristol) 
Diego Wisniacki (University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires)
Alejandro Monastra (Tandar, CNEA, Buenos AIres)
Leonardo Ermann (Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)
Raul Vallejos (CBPF, Rio de Janeiro)
Alejandro Rivas (Tandar, CNEA, Argentina)
Maria Elena Spina (Tandar, CNEA, Argentina)
David Schneider (Tandar, CNEA, Argentina)


Irene Suarz Calle (Madrid, Spain)
Juan Pedrosa (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
Matias Gallego (Madrid, Spain)

Travel information

For touristic information also see http://www.bue.gov.ar/home/ (español-english-portugues)


Marcos Saraceno        (saraceno@tandar.cnea.gov.ar; Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)
Raul Vallejos              (vallejos@cbpf.br; CBPF, Rio de Janeiro)
Alejandro Monastra    (monastra@tandar.cnea.gov.ar; Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)
Leonardo Ermann       (ermann@tandar.cnea.gov.ar; Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)
Diego Wisniacki        (wisniacki@df.uba.ar; Departamento de Fisica,Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Gabriel Carlo              (carlo@tandar.cnea.gov.ar; Tandar, CNEA, Buenos Aires)

last update: 08/03/07