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Participación en Congresos año 2004

IX Hadron Physics and VII Relativistic Aspects of Nuclear Physics: A Joint Meeting on QCD and QCP
Angra Dos Reis, Río de Janeiro, Brazil
March 28-April 3, 2004
  • "Excited Baryons in Large Nc QCD"
    N.N. Scoccola
  • "Two Flavor Superconductivity in Nonlocal Models"
    N.N. Scoccola
19th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2004)
Paris, France
June 6-11, 2004
  • "Comparison of Electron and Proton Radiation Damage in Solar Cells for Space Uses"
    M.J.L. Tamasi, M. Alurralde, I. Prario, A. Filevich, J. Durán, M.G. Martínez Bogado, J. Plá, C.J. Bruno, J. Fernández Vázquez, R.E. Mayer, J. Schuff, A.A. Burlon and A.J. Kreiner
35th Course on Diversity Amidst Similarity: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Polymorphs, Solvates and Phase Relationships
Erice, Italy
June 8-13, 2004
  • "E and Z Isomers of Norelgestromine and Norgestimate: Two Different Crystalline Behaviors"
    D.R. Vega
Workshop "At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter II - Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, and their Applications"
Buenos Aires, Argentina
June 22-26, 2004
  • "Current-induced effects in La0.275Pr0.350Ca0.375MnO3 single crystals"
    G. Garbarino, M. Monteverde, C. Acha, P. Levy, M. Quintero, T.Y. Koo and S.-W. Cheong
    Oral presentation 17 (C. Acha)
  • "Static and dynamic properties of phase separated rare earth manganese oxide based compounds"
    P. Levy, F. Parisi, J. Sacanell, L.P. Granja, M. Quintero, G. Polla, A.G. Leyva, R. Freitas and L. Ghivelder
    Oral presentation 27 (P. Levy)
  • "Effects of Zn and Ni doping on the properties of hematite obtained from mixed metal oxinates"
    C.A. Barrero, J. Arpe, E. Sileo, R.D. Zysler and C. Saragovi
    Oral presentation 34 (C. Saragovi)
  • "Magnetoresistive memory in phase separated La0.5Ca0.5MnO3"
    J. Sacanell, F. Parisi, P. Levy and L. Ghivelder
    Poster 1-3
  • "Characterization of the charge-order to ferromagnetic crossover behaviour in (La1-yPry)0.5Ca0.5MnO3"
    J. Curiale, C. Ramos, P. Levy, R.D. Sánchez, F. Rivadulla and J. Rivas
    Poster 1-4
  • "Study of memory effects in manganite thin films trilayers"
    L.P. Granja, L.E. Hueso, J.L. Prieto, N.D. Mathur and P. Levy
    Poster 1-5
  • "Different coexistence regimes in La0.325Pr0.300Ca0.375MnO3"
    M. Quintero, A.G. Leyva, F. Parisi, M.G. das Virgens, L. Ghivelder and O. Agüero
    Poster 1-10
  • "Structure and magnetic properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/CaMnO3 multilayers"
    M. Granada, M. Sirena, L.B. Steren and A.G. Leyva
    Poster 2-3
  • "Taming the giant magnetoresistance of noncollinear LaMn2Ge2"
    S. Di Napoli, A.M. Llois, G. Bihlmayer, S. Blügel, M. Alouani and H. Dreyssé
    Poster 2-19
  • "Synthesis and characterization of manganese oxide based nanotubes"
    A.G. Leyva, P. Stoliar, P. Levy, C. Albonetti, M. Cavallini, F. Biscarini, J. Curiale, H.E. Troiani and R. Sánchez
    Poster 2-21
  • "Surface electronic structure of Co thin films on Cu(111)"
    M.A. Barral, A.M. Llois and M. Weissmann
    Poster 2-22
  • "Tunnelling through a semiconducting spacer: complex band predictions versus thin film calculations"
    J. Peralta-Ramos, J. Milano and A.M. Llois
    Poster 2-23
  • "The <12>-AF transition of UNi2Si2: Heisenberg model, biquadratic interactions and the meanfield approximation"
    V. Massidda
    Poster 3-6
  • "Extended Heisenberg Hamiltonian for LaMn2X2 (X=Si,Ge) using an ab-initio parametrization"
    V. Massidda, S. Di Napoli and A.M. Llois
    Poster 3-10
  • "Magnetic properties of bimetallic Ni-Pd nanoclusters"
    J. Guevara, A.M. Llois, F. Aguilera-Granja and J.M. Montejano-Carrizales
    Poster 5-9
  • "Magnetic properties of Ni-Rh clusters in the Ni-rich region"
    T. Sondón and J. Guevara
    Poster 5-10
  • "ab initio study of structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of magnetic impurities in rutile TiO2"
    L. Errico, M. Weissmann and M. Rentería
    Poster 6-2
  • "Spectral properties of the CeM2Si2 compounds (M=Ru, Rh and Pd)"
    V. Vildosola, M. Alouani and A.M. Llois
    Poster 6-9
  • "Evidences of the stability of magnetite on a soil from Northwestern Argentina by Mössbauer spectroscopy and Magnetization measurementes"
    H. Causevic, H. Morrás, A. Mijovilovich and C. Saragovi
    Poster 7-5
International Workshop on Large Nc QCD 2004
ECT*, Trento, Italy
July 5-9, 2004
  • "Decays of Excited Baryons in Large Nc QCD"
    N.N. Scoccola
  • "The Tower Structure of Excited Baryons"
    C. Schat
6th International Conference on Diffusion in Materials (DIMAT 2004)
Krakow, Poland
July 18-23, 2004
  • "The effect of magnetism on Fe diffusion: New experimental results and ab-initio calculations"
    R.A. Perez, D.N. Torres, F. Dyment and M. Weissmann
Conference on Nuclei at the Limits and Gammasphere Users Workshop
Argonne, Illinois, Estados Unidos
July 25-August 2, 2004
  • "Measurement of Inelastic-Scattering Cross Sections in the 16O+28Si System to Discriminate Regular and Chaotic Regimes"
    G.V. Martí
1º Expo - Congreso Innovación Tecnológica en Energía y Petroquímica
Organizado por Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y del Gas (IAPG) y SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Argentina
Sheraton Hotel Buenos Aires & Convention Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Septiembre 14-17, 2004
  • "Desarrollo, fabricación y ensayo de paneles solares para misiones satelitales argentinas"
    C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, P. Cabot, E. Carella, J. Durán, J. Fernández Vázquez, E.M. Godfrin, V. Goldbeck, M.G. Martínez Bogado, A. Moglioni, J. Plá, S.E. Rodríguez, M.J.L. Tamasi, M. Alurralde, F. Antonuccio, A. Filevich, A. Iglesias, E. Mezzabolta, S.L. Nigro y C.D. Franciulli
8th European Conference on Accelerators in Applied Research and Technology (ECAART-8)
Paris, France
September 20-24, 2004
  • "A Study of the Tandem-Terminal-Stripper Reaction 1H(12C,γ)13N with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry"
    J.O. Fernández Niello, A. Priller, A. Arazi, D. Djokic, R. Golser, W. Kutschera, P. Steier, C. Vockenhuber and A. Wallner
6th International Symposium on Ionizing Radiation and Polymers (IRaP 2004)
Houffalize, Belgium
September 25-30, 2004
  • "Grafting of Acrylic Acid onto Polypropylene Films Irradiated with Argon Ions"
    G. Massa, R. Mazzei, G. García Bermúdez, A. Filevich and E. Smolko
  • "Submicroscopic Pores Grafted using the Residual Sites produced by Swift Heavy Ions"
    R. Mazzei, N. Betz, G. García Bermúdez, G. Massa and E. Smolko
11th World Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy (ISNCT-11)
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
October 11-15, 2004
  • "Microdistributions of Prospective BNCT-Compound CuTCPH in Tissue Sections with a Heavy Ion Microbeam"
    P. Stoliar, A.J. Kreiner, M.E. Debray, M.E. Caraballo, A.A. Valda, J. Davidson, M. Davidson, J.M. Kesque, H. Somacal, H. DiPaolo, A.A. Burlon, M.J. Ozafrán, M.E. Vázquez, D. Minsky, E.M. Heber, V.A. Trivillin and A.E. Schwint
  • "An Optimized Neutron-Beam Shaping Assembly for Accelerator-Based BNCT"
    A.A. Burlon, A.J. Kreiner, A.A. Valda and D.M. Minsky
La Plata, Argentina
Octubre 20-22, 2004
  • "Últimos desarrollos relacionados con la fabricación y el ensayo de paneles solares y componentes para usos espaciales"
    M. Alurralde, M. Barrera, C.G. Bolzi, C.J. Bruno, J.C. Durán, J. Fernández Vázquez, A. Filevich, E.M. Godfrin, V. Goldbeck, A. Iglesias, M.G. Martínez Bogado, E. Mezzabolta, S.L. Nigro, J. Plá, I. Prario, M.C. Raffo Calderón, S.E. Rodríguez, M.J.L. Tamasi, A. Vertanessian, F. Antonuccio, P. Cabot, E. Carella, C.D. Franciulli y A. Moglioni
  • "Últimos desarrollos en celdas solares de silicio cristalino en la CNEA"
    M. Barrera, C.G. Bolzi, D. Corvalán, M.G. Martínez Bogado, J. Plá y M.J.L. Tamasi
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