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Guillermo Raul Zemba


Hello everybody. I'm a theoretical physicist interested in effective field theories and its applications to condensed matter and statistical systems. I am active in the application of extended conformal field theories to the quantum Hall effect and to the algebraic bosonization of one-dimensional systems. Currently, I'm also interested in bosonization of higher dimensional systems, and in applications of field theoretic methods to biology. I'm also interested in other recent developments in quantum field theory, like the connection between non-commutative field theories and the Quantum Hall effect. Finally, I also give special attention to recent mathematical results which are connected to my research, like the W-infinity algebras.


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Contact address:

Guillermo R. Zemba
Physics Department - Tandar Laboratory
Av. Libertador 8250
1429 - Buenos Aires

phone: 54-11-6772-7053      e-mail: zemba@tandar.cnea.gov.ar
fax:       54-11-6772-7121       URL: http://www.tandar.cnea.gov.ar/~zemba/

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