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Workshop on "Structure and Dynamics of Glassy, Supercooled and Nanoconfined Fluids"


Live Buenos Aires
Plaza de Mayo, Puerto Madero, La Boca Caminito, San Telmo, Palermo and Recoleta
All days from 09.00 am to 3:00 pm (4 hs long)
U$S 48
Tranfer in-out. Catering during the city tour
Live Buenos Aires Full Day
Plaza de Mayo, Puerto Madero, La Boca Caminito, San Telmo, Palermo and Recoleta, Cementerio, Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar
Lunch in Evita Musseum. Palermo Full
All days from 09.00 am (8.5 hs long)
U$S 140
Live Tigre
River Plate stadium, President Residence, San Isidro, Delta del Tigre, Tigre, Villa Ocampo Unesco
All days from 09.00 am
Long: 6.30 hs. with lunch - U$S 135
4.30 hs. without lunch - U$S 95
Live Pampa
San Antonio de Areco, Ricardo Guiraldes Musseum, Estancia la Porteña. Life and activities of "gaucho", Catering, Asado and mate
Long: 8.30 hs. - 175 U$S
It should be booked one day in advance.
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