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At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter VI

SIPE-2012 Speakers

  • Miguel Abbate, Universidad Federal de Paraná, Curitiba.
    "Interface effects in the electronic structure of TiO2 deposited on MgO, Al2O3 and SiO2 substrates"  [abstract]
  • Paula Abufager, Instituto de Física Rosario, CONICET - UNR, Rosario, Argentina.
    "Structure and stability of self-assembled monolayers of organic molecules on metal surfaces"  [abstract]
  • Hugo Ascolani, Grupo de Física de Superficies, Centro Atómico Bariloche.
    "Tailoring the properties at organic/metal interfaces by surface alloying"  [abstract]
  • Mari-Carmen Asensio, Synchrotron SOLEIL.
    "Nano-Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy of STO: segregation, oxygen vacances and waterfall like behavior"  [abstract]
    "Surveying Electronic Structure of CVD graphene on polycrystalline copper foils by nano-ARPES"  [abstract]
  • Adrián Bonivardi, Universidad Nacional de Litoral - INTEC - CONICET.
    "Unveiling the hydrogen-assisted surface reduction mechanism of cerium-gallium mixed oxide: A theoretical-experimental approach"  [abstract]
  • Javier Briático, Unite Mixte CNRS - Thales.
    "Dispositivos superconductores de alta temperatura crítica para sistemas de telecomunicaciones"  [abstract]
  • Fabio Busnengo, Instituto de Física de Rosario - CONICET.
    "«Complexity» in dissociative adsorption of «simple» molecules on metal surfaces"  [abstract]
  • Gabriela Cabeza, Dpto. de Física, Universidad Nacional Del Sur, Bahía Blanca-CONICET.
    "Theoretical interpretations towards catalytic experimental results"  [abstract]
  • Ricardo Faccio, Crystallography, Solid State and Materials Laboratory, Universidad de la República, Uruguay..
    "Electronic and Vibronic states of CoTPP molecules deposited on Cu3N/Cu(110) surface"  [abstract]
  • Valeria Ferrari, Condensed Matter Department, GIyA, CNEA - CONICET.
    "Structural phase transition in Mn-doped Gallium Nitride explored by first principles calculations"  [abstract]
  • Julio Ferrón, Universidad Nacional del Litoral - CONICET, Santa Fe.
    "AlF3 growth on Cu(100). A new kinetically driven growth"  [abstract]
  • Verónica Ganduglia Pirovano, Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry, Madrid.
    "Water interaction with CeO2(111) and its defect structure"  [abstract]
  • Edith Goldberg, Universidad Nacional del Litoral - CONICET, Santa Fe.
    "Inelastic tunneling spectroscopy for magnetic atoms and the Kondo resonance"  [abstract]
  • Julián Milano, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Centro Atómico Bariloche - CONICET.
    "Stripe domains in FeGa thin films"  [abstract]
  • Marcelo Rozenberg, Université de Paris-Sud - CNRS and University of Buenos Aires.
    "Two-dimensional electron gas with orbital symmetry reconstruction at the surface of KTaO3"  [abstract]
  • Andrés Saúl, Université de Marseille.
    "Frustration and magnetic order in α-CoV2O6"  [abstract]
  • Adriana Serquis, Instituto Balseiro - Centro Atómico Bariloche - CONICET.
    "Solid-solid interfaces of ceramics and metallic materials used in clean energies systems"  [abstract]
  • Laura Steren, Condensed Matter Department, GIyA, CNEA - CONICET.
    "Strains effect on the magnetism of ferromagnetic/ferroelectric multilayers"  [abstract]
  • Silvia Tinte, INTEC, CONICET - Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe.
    "Multiferroic behavior of Aurivillius Bi4Mn3O12 from first-principles"  [abstract]
  • Gonzalo Usaj, Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Centro Atómico Bariloche - CONICET.
    "The electronic structure of F and H on graphene and their effect on graphene's transport properties"  [abstract]
  • Verónica Vildosola, Condensed Matter Department, GIyA, CNEA - CONICET.
    "2D electron gas generation at the surface of charge ordered insulating systems: a new physical mechanism"  [abstract]
  • Mariana Weissmann, Condensed Matter Department, GIyA, CNEA - CONICET.
    "Electronic properties of oxide interfaces: the effect of oxygen vacancies and cation intermixing"  [abstract]

EPICO-2012 Speakers

  • Charly Acha
    "Time relaxation of the resistive retention state of complex oxides (YBCO, LSMO) / metal RRAM devices"
  • Matías Acosta
    "High-temperature dielectrics in CaZrO3-modified Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3-based lead-free ceramics"
  • Fabien Alibart
    "Pattern Classification by Memristive Crossbar Circuits with Ex-situ and In-situ Training"
  • Laurent Cario
    "Insulator to metal transitions and resistive switching in the narrow gap Mott Insulator AM4Q8 (A=Ga, Ge; M=V, Nb, Ta; Q=S, Se)"
  • Regina Dittmann
    "Nanoscale analysis of redox-processes in resistive switching complex oxide devices"
  • Vlad Dobrosavljevic
    "Shock wave mechanism for bipolar resistive switching "
  • Néstor Ghenzi
    "Resistive Switching in multilevel TiO2 memory devices"
  • Dong-Wook Kim
    "Resistive Switching Mechanism of Single-Crystalline Oxide-based Schottky Junctions"
  • Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro
    "Non-volatile Storage: Opportunities for Business and Science"
  • Enrique Miranda
    "Compact modeling of filamentary conduction in resistive switching devices"
  • Miguel Monteverde
    "Dirac Cone systems"
  • Germán A. Patterson
    "Stochastic resistive switching"
  • Gabriel Ramírez
    "Voltage-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in Vanadium Oxides: The role of Joule Heating "
  • Diego Rubi
    "Crossover regime in manganite based resistive switching memory devices"
  • María José Sánchez
    "Bipolar resistive switching in oxide-based memory cells"
  • Ahikito Sawa
    "Resistive Switching Effect in Conductive Ferroelectric Oxides"
  • Keisuke Shibuya
    "Phase control of bistable metal-insulator states in vanadium dioxide"

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