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At the Frontiers of Condensed Matter V

Current Trends and Novel Materials

Bicentennial Symposium

During 2010, Argentina is celebrating the bicentennial of the "May Revolution", an event that paved the way for its Declaration of Independence. To celebrate this anniversary, we are organizing a symposium covering the history of Condensed Matter Physics in Argentina and neighbouring countries.

Condensed Matter in Argentina, Brazil and Chile:
The interplay between politics and science.

This symposium is part of FCM2010 and aims at making a chronicle about the origins and development of Condensed Matter Physics in Argentina through the voices of some of the people who were part of this life history.
In some cases their scientific careers and personal lives were deeply affected by the political events of the second part of the twentieth century. What happened to them had an influence on the evolution of some of the Physics departments in Argentina and neighboring countries, in particular Brazil and Chile.
Invited scientists to this historical journey are:
  • Blas Alascio, Centro Atómico Bariloche, CNEA.
    "The Solid State Theory group in Bariloche"  [abstract]
  • Enrique Anda, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Rio de Janeiro.
    "Science and Physics in Argentina and Latin America in the Last Decades"  [abstract]
  • Aldo Craievich, Universidad de San Pablo (USP), Brasil.
    "The National Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Brazil. Past, present and future"  [abstract]
  • Francisco de la Cruz, Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas, Centro Atómico Bariloche.
    "Low Temperature Laboratory and Superconductivity in Bariloche"  [abstract]
  • Diego Hurtado, Universidad de San Martín - CONICET.
    "Science and political Institutions: development of Physics in Argentina, 1940-2000"  [abstract]
  • Miguel Kiwi, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.
    "Half a century of condensed matter physics in Latin America: a personal perspective"  [abstract]
  • Alberto Passos Guimaraes, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
    "The Development of the Study of Magnetism in Brazil"  [abstract]
  • Mariana Weissmann, Centro Atómico Constituyentes, CNEA, Buenos Aires.
    "The troubled beginnings of solid state physics in Buenos Aires"  [abstract]
We also count with the participation and insight of Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, a Physicist who turned into an specialist in History of Science. He is going to offer an overview of key events throughout the timeline of scientific institutions in Argentina from their beginnings to our days.
We will be guided through this historical journey by Enrique Anda, who will chair this sessions and whose personal experience are also part of this chronicle.

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