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Norberto N. Scoccola
Depto. de Fisica, Lab.
TANDAR Av. Libertador 8250 (1429)
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Tel: +54 11 6772 7069 (office), +54 11 6772 7007 (switchboard)
Fax: +54 11 6772 7121


I am a theoretical physicist mostly interested in several aspects of nuclear physics at low and intermediate energies. In recent years I have been basically working on hadron structure (chiral soliton models, NJL model, 1/Nc expansion of QCD, nonlocal models, etc). I have also done some research on nuclear double-beta decays and 2D soliton models.

Lists of all my publications are given in the following links:

Preprints and publications in  periodic journals with peer review

In proceedings of international workshops, conferences and schools

McS and PhD thesis of my previous students

There you will be find links to the PDF files of the published versions (when possible) as well as links to the SPIRES entries where other useful info about the articles (citations, etc) is given. A direct link to all my entries is SPIRES is here while a link to all my entries is the Los Alamos archive is here.

The full publication list as well as other details of my scientific career can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

Link to material related to my teaching activities


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