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"Analytical behavior of the fourth and fifth virial coefficients of a hard-sphere mixture"
I. Urrutia
Phys. Rev. E 84(6) (2011) 062101/1-3
This paper focus on the study of the composition-dependent fourth and fifth virial coefficient of a hard-sphere binary mixture, namely, B4(s) and B5(s). On one side, the analytical expression of B4(s) is revised. In particular, I analyzed the composition-independent term B4[1](s) included in B4(s) and found a simplified form of its exact expression, which has the advantage over that previously published of highlighting the geometric properties of this term. On the other side, using a geometrical approach, I found a set of nonanalytic points of B4(s) and B5(s) as functions of s by analyzing each of their composition-independent terms.
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