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"Experimental and theoretical Compton profiles of Be, C and Al"
J.C. Aguiar, H.O. Di Rocco and A. Arazi
Physica B Condens. Matter. 406(3) (2011) 354-357
The results of Compton profile measurements, Fermi momentum determinations, and theoretical values obtained from a linear combination of Slater-type orbital (STO) for core electrons in beryllium; carbon and aluminium are presented. In addition, a Thomas-Fermi model is used to estimate the contribution of valence electrons to the Compton profile. Measurements were performed using monoenergetic photons of 59.54 keV provided by a low-intensity Am-241 γ-ray source. Scattered photons were detected at 90° from the beam direction using a p-type coaxial high-purity germanium detector (HPGe). The experimental results are in good agreement with theoretical calculations.
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