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acta de conferencia
"129I present in Bovine Thyroid in Argentina"
A.E. Negri, J. Fernández Niello, A. Arazi, A. Wallner, A.M. La Gamma and P.F.F. Carnelli
Proc. of the "International Nuclear Physics Conference 2010" (INPC2010), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, July 4-9, 2010.
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 312 (2011) 062007/1-4
129I concentrations in bovine thyroid coming from all over Argentina were analyzed by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and total iodine present in samples by Gas Chromatography. We present a preliminary latitudinal profile of 129I concentrations. Once we complete this study, it will be the first set of data of this kind from an extended region of South America.
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