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"Atomistic modeling and simulation of the role of Be and Bi in Al diffusion in U-Mo fuel"
G.L. Hofman, G. Bozzolo, H.O. Mosca and A.M. Yacout
Proc. of the "NuMat 2010 Conference", Karlsruhe, Germany, October 4-7, 2010.
J. Nucl. Mater. 414(2) (2011) 179-185
Within the RERTR program, previous experimental and modeling studies identified Si as the alloying addition to the Al cladding responsible for inhibiting Al interdiffusion in the UMo fuel. However, difficulties with reprocessing have rendered this choice inappropriate, leading to the need to study alternative elements. In this work, we discuss the results of an atomistic modeling effort which allows for the systematic study of several possible alloying additions. Based on the behavior observed in the phase diagrams, beryllium or bismuth additions suggest themselves as possible options to replace Si. The results of temperature-dependent simulations using the Bozzolo-Ferrante-Smith (BFS) method for the energetics for varying concentrations of either element are shown, indicating that Be could have a substantial effect in stopping Al interdiffusion, while Bi does not. Details of the calculations and the dependence of the role of each alloying addition as a function of temperature and concentration (of beryllium or bismuth in Al) are shown.
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