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"Two Novel Potential Anticonvulsant Salts of 5-Amino-2-Sulfonamide-1,3,4-Thiadiazole"
J.R.A. Díaz, G.E. Camí, M.L. González, J.C. Pedregosa and D.R. Vega
J. Chem. Crystallogr. 41(8) (2011) 1114-1119
Two crystal structures of sulfonamide salts were studied by X-Ray diffraction. The compound C2H5N4O2S2+·H2O·Cl- (I), (Hats·H2O·Cl, Hats = protonated 5-amino-2-sulfonamide-1,3,4-thiadiazole) crystallizes in orthorhombic space group, P212121, with unit cell parameters a = 10.047(4), b = 5.186(2), c = 16.766(6) Å and the compound C2H5N4O2S2+·CH3O3S- (II), crystallizes in monoclinic space group, Cc, with unit cell parameters a = 5.378(3), b = 19.707(6), c = 10.014(5) Å, beta = 99.97(1)°. The molecules in compound I are arranged in a helix of alternating water and Hats molecules. Helixes are interconnected by hydrogen bonds provided by Cl- ions and one ring with a graph set R64 (12) is determined. The crystal structure of compound II presents mesylate and Hats molecules bonded by two hydrogen bond determining a ring with a graph set R22(8).
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