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"Quark matter nucleation at neutron star cores: relevance of energy-density fluctuations"
G. Lugones and A.G. Grunfeld
Proc. of the "First Caribbean Symposium on Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics" (STARS 2011), Instituto de Cibernética, Mathemática y Física (ICMAF) Sociedad Cubana de Física (SCF), La Habana, Cuba, May 1-4, 2011. Ed. A. Pérez Martínez, C.A.Z. Vasconcellos, D. Hadjimichef, H. Pérez Rojas, J. Horvath and W. Greiner
Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 20(supp01) (2011) 167-174
We study the deconfinement of hadronic matter into quark matter in a protoneutron star focusing on the effects of the finite size on the formation of just-deconfined color superconducting quark droplets embedded in the hadronic environment. We show that energy-density fluctuations are much more relevant for deconfinement than temperature and neutrino density fluctuations. We calculate the critical size spectrum of energy-density fluctuations that allows deconfinement as well as the nucleation rate of each critical bubble. We find that drops with any radii smaller than 800 fm can be formed at a huge rate when matter achieves the bulk transition limit of 5-6 times the nuclear saturation density.
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