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"Asymmetric pulsing for reliable operation of titanium/manganite memristors"
F. Gomez-Marlasca, N. Ghenzi, P. Stoliar, M.J. Sánchez, M.J. Rozenberg, G. Leyva and P. Levy
Appl. Phys. Lett. 98(12) (2011) 123502/1-3
We present a pulsing protocol that significantly increases the endurance of a titanium-manganite interface used as a binary memory cell. The core of this protocol is an algorithm that searches for the proper values for the set and reset pulses, canceling the drift in the resistance values. A set of experiments show the drift-free operation for more than 105 switching cycles, as well as the detrimental effect by changing the amplitude of pulses indicated by the protocol. We reproduced the results with a numerical model, which provides information on the dynamics of the oxygen vacancies during the switching cycles.
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